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The brand strategy

Quality - one full use of your character

Strengthen the corporate image recognition, global strategic pattern. Long with the country's top brand management company to establish long-term strategic partnership, accurate market positioning and a full range of strategic construction of Longyang brand system truly create long top brands. Longyang through professional brand image design, the use of advanced communication system widely, to convey the spirit of enterprise culture to the enterprise's internal and public enterprises, highlight the personality, to get the customer's identity, enhance the strategic competitiveness. The CI strategy is a long-term development strategy, global brand will be long, accurate market positioning, business planning all kinds of characteristics to the public to show and spread, so that the public has a standardized, clear impression and understanding of the dragon, to meet the needs of the consumers, high-end brand characteristics beautiful, luxurious, meet the needs of consumers. As the enterprise's internal regulations of enterprises to develop CI manual, so that employees comply with, enhance the management level of enterprises and strategic planning.

"Construction of the spirit of the brand, brand positioning, brand image three-in-one brand construction system"

————From Longyang brand construction team's voice

Quality first experience first, Longyang adhere to the product quality as the core, as a link to the product, so that customers feel the long products bring real experience, to the reputation of the widely circulated, gradually get public recognition, by reputation spread, the Longyang door become synonymous with quality products. Long as the industry leader, show the brand value to be not of the common sort of people with long life. In the construction of the brand value, television advertising has become an indispensable link, the company has invested heavily in advertising on CCTV and many large media, heart shape the image of dragon. The brand more and more by the majority of users of attention, expand the brand influence of Longyang Longyang door industry, enhance the visibility, and laid a solid foundation for the dealer to open regional market share, also add a helping hand for long products market.


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