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ADD:Zhejiang province Wuyi County

Huanglong Industrial Zone

Huanglong Road 3 No. 11

TEL:0579-89082666 89081888



Southern China area

The city of Hainan

Hainan Haifeng Industrial Co.

Five Fingers Group International Garden City, crystal

Wenchang Zhi Xi Garden District

Wenchang wenhang Garden

Wenchang supply and marketing cooperatives

Wenchang irrigation head factory

The first construction company in Hainan province liberal low rent housing

Hainan Higher Vocational Logistics Co. Ltd.

Million urban Middle School of Wanning City

The East and farm residential building in Wanning City

Tunchang County Public Security Bureau Residential Building

Tunchang County Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine

Gold Changming Tunchang County Court

Five Fingers Group Jinsheng Real Estate Co.

Hainan Sanya Naval Institute

Apartment building expert library Stadium

The old apartment building in the east coast of Sanya Village

Hainan Yacheng town of Sanya Jia Yu Garden

Hainan Jia Yu Xing Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

Sanya Xinghe Garden

Tunchang Cultural Square

The Public Security Bureau dormitory Tunchang floor

Qionghai green area

Qionghai Hui River apartment

Qionghai pioneer an autonomous region

Tunchang hospital dormitory

Tunchang Stadium

A park lakes resettlement floor

Haikou City Jin Yuan real estate development company building 3#4#5#

Qionghai City Commercial Pedestrian Street building

Qionghai city health system of resettlement area

The teacher system in Qionghai city resettlement area

On the double limit room in Danzhou City

Danzhou City Jiahua residential affordable housing

Danzhou City Bank of Serbia

Hainan residential building provincial TV station

The old city of Haikou city beautiful moon river

Haikou water slope and bank settlement building

Haikou coconut placement of residential building

Haikou city Longhua District Guanlan Lake Resort

Haikou city Binjiang water

Haikou City Yong Xiu Hua Yuan

Haikou City, Milan city of Venice a period

Sky City anding County

Bi Jing County Wenchang Oriental Garden sunlight stability

Changjiang County jinshuiwan International Hall of residential district


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